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Invitation to join our April Lunch ‘n Learn on Social Media

Find out if Social Media is going to help your business…or not



It’s today’s Golden Question: ‘What about social media?’

The Twitter, Facebook, Fans and Followers – it’s all a whirlwind!  Get into the eye of the hurricane where it’s quiet and understand what Social Media platforms are for, and how to use them from a business perspective.

In this Lunch ‘n Learn at Central Park Business Centre, you’ll also find out whether or not it will be a feasible strategy for you personally to implement into your overall marketing plan.

Matt from WebFriendly will be joining us to explain the following:

  • Will Social Media MAKE your particular business money, or will it SAVE money?
  • How Social Media can fit into any business to save time, money and resources
  • How much time/effort and budget is required to be effective on social networks
  • How to create a simple Social Media strategy with 30 minutes a day
  • How to drive traffic and sales through Social Media

Matt from Web Friendly is a professional social media marketer who teaches business owners how to make social networks profitable for them.  You can get a glimpse of his full workshop, “Social Media Unstrapped” at the following link (as a little taste of what’s to come in our Lunch ‘n Learn!)

And remember – it’s not a free lunch, it’s a free Lunch ‘n Learn!