Virtual Office Solutions in the heart of Metro Vancouver

What Is A Virtual Office?

Think of a virtual office as an office without borders.  Although you may be busy, mobile or out of town most of the time, your clients have a solid impression of you, and know they can always reach someone at your company when it’s convenient for them.  Your address and phone number stay the same, you always have a secretary at your fingertips (who answers your phone, handles your mail and can complete administrative work) and if you require a physical office space or boardroom, we accommodate that on an hourly or daily basis.

What types of plans are there?

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  • New Company Registration Plan:  Registering a for a Business License? We can provide you with a Professional Business address. mail handling and notification.
  • Vancouver Business Address Plan:  Includes: handling of incoming and outgoing mail deliveries, mail notification system (letting clients know when mail has arrived), access to the meeting room facilities
  • Direct to Voicemail Plan:  Includes: dedicated phone line and voicemail, calls are transferred directly to voicemail
  • Virtual Office Enhanced Plan:  Includes virtual office base plan, – toll-free telephone number. – managed call transfer, call forwarding, message notification, email messaging, courtesy office use (2 hours/month)

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The Benefits of a Virtual Office

  • Save Your Investment

You receive the comfort of the professional office setting without the need for any investment. Fully furnished offices kitted out with desks, phone line, internet (and free coffee), all on a pay-per-use basis. Spend those extra dollars on a killer Marketing system, like an Appointment generator

  • Enhance Your Company’s Profile

Virtual office solutions give your business a professional image. Stop meeting clients in Starbucks, and meet them in a professional setting. First impressions matter!

  • Maximizes Productivity

We’ve found the two or three hours every day that used to be spent getting ready for work and traveling to the office is now spent working. Because of that, productivity can increase and our employees are more focused.

  • Team Support 

Support from the Business Centre Staff. You’re not sure you need a full time employee, most Business Centres offer marketing, admin, and secretary help. Just ask to see what they can do for you.

  • Ability to Downsize or Upsize

When a business is quickly growing, it can be a challenge to accommodate new staff, relocate to new offices, and invest money in office equipment (furnishings, technology, etc.). With virtual offices, businesses are not set back when scaling up their operations and can actually reallocate their budget towards other areas.

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How to get started with a Virtual Office Plan?

Kick-starting your Virtual Office plan is super easy. Decide on the type of plan that works for you, meet with your Business Centre rep to sign the Agreement Documents, and pay the security deposit, Once you’ve signed, you’re all set. Your Virtual Office provider should have you up and running in a couple of hours

Do I Need A Virtual Office?

Often we suggest a virtual office solution to particular types of businesses and professionals, mainly those who are frequently on the road and rarely come in to a physical office space.  In this regard, even satellite offices with headquarters in another city or country could make good use of a virtual office service.  This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Agents, advisors and sales reps
  • Consultants and mobile professionals (e.g. mortgage & stock brokers, financial planners, notaries, etc. that come to their clients instead of having their clients come to them)
  • Business professionals that are unavailable (e.g. lawyers spending a lot of time in court)
  • Trades people who are always busy (e.g. mechanics, construction workers)
  • Regional and Satellite offices
  • Foreign Entities
  • Virtual Companies (e.g. Internet companies)

Virtual offices are also an economical alternative to hiring a receptionist for entrepreneurs who don’t have the budget for a full-time employee.  These include:

  • Small businesses
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Home-based business owners
  • Independent contractors

Another type of organization that could benefit from virtual office services are non-profits, charities and associations.  Since these organizations are usually run by volunteers, man-hours can be limited.  However, it is still important to be available for calls, inquiries, and to have a business mailing address to receive registrations, donations and other important documents or packages.

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5 questions to ask a virtual office provider


What services are available to you with a Virtual office?

  • Access to meeting room facilities
  • After hours and weekend access to meeting rooms
  • Access to couriers/shipping to ship documents to clients
  • Access to printing/scanning facilities
  • FREE coffee and tea when you are here at the centre
  • Full kitchen facility

What are the terms and conditions for a Virtual Office Plan?

Virtual Office Providers may have slightly different terms and conditions. Some will be month by month, some will require 3 months upfront to start the plan, and others will offer annual discounts for a full year purchase

The best thing to do is ask if they have flexible terms and what sort of payment options are available.


Additional services offered by Virtual office providers?

Marketing services

Digital Marketing, Email marketing, Website/Blog Content updating, Social media management, Paid Ad campaign management etc

Administrative services

Editing services, business writing, database mgmt. appointment bookings, order processing, invoicing, sales support etc

Secretarial services

Photocopies, faxing, document preparation and binding, postage, and couriers

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Virtual Office FAQs

It’s basically all the same, but using different lingo. You are provided with a physical and professional business address combined with mail handling services. You can receive mail, packages, and couriers at that location and you will be notified when items arrive for you
Yes! You can sign up online and start using your new mailing address immediately.
Yes! You can use your new mailing address for business registration and to apply for a business license.
We’ll automatically notify you, by email, as soon as mail arrives for you, same-day!
Depending on your company’s requirements, both options work well. Live receptionist is best when you want to give a great first impression to callers. Hearing a voice means If you are a busy company with regular callers, a front line answering switchboard might be most useful to route calls more efficiently to the various departments. This is typically set up as follows; Sales, Support, General Inquiries
You will be notified by email when there’s any new mail for you on the same-day that it was delivered.
Our mail pickup hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30AM to 5PM.
You can have up to 3 other company names associated with your account.
Ask our front desk staff for your mail and it will be retrieved from your secure mailing box
We can accept most packages and parcels.
We can hold your mail in our secured mailing room until you return from your travels.
Yes we can accept document drop-offs from your clients and will store the documents safety in our mailing room. We can also accept payment drop-offs and will provide a receipt to your client as proof.
Your virtual office plan is a month by month agreement which automatically renews for the same original length, unless you’ve requested otherwise.
We require a 30-days notice, by email or post, in order for us to cancel your Virtual Office plan.
If your Virtual Office plan includes a Mail Scanning services, after we have completed a scanning task your mail is stored in your mailing folder to be picked up, or forwarded upon your instructions.
We typically do mail forwarding once a week on a Friday. A bi-weekly option is also available.
Yes our meeting rooms and boardroom is available in the evenings and on weekends.