3 basics ways to market a business for sale

If you elect to market your business for sale without the use of any intermediaries, the following are 3 key ways to list your company and get it sold:

1. Generating leads

There are a number of ways to generate leads. The more leads you generate, the higher the chances of closing a sale quickly and on good terms and conditions. Therefore, you should employ as many lead generating strategies as possible.

2. Advertising

Business opportunity classified ads are a viable way to advertise a business for sale. The larger local newspapers and online directories are the best source of such ads for small – and medium sized businesses. Business opportunity ads, whether for small or large businesses, usually describe the business in several short phrases, keeping its identity anonymous, and list a phone number to call or post office box for reply. The ad should be worded to demonstrate the businesses best qualities, both financial and non financial, and may include a qualifying statement describing the kind of cash investment or experience required.

There are some publications that specialize in the sale of commercial real estate, franchises and business opportunities such as Western Investor which covers British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If your industry has a trade publication, you may wish to advertise there, as you are exposing your business to people who already understand the industry and may be looking to make an acquisition.

3. Networking

The more people that know you are selling your business the greater your chance of finding a buyer. Your suppliers, accountant, banker, lawyer or trade association often may be aware of potential buyers.

Every industry has a trade association and trade association publications can do a good job of communicating the sale of a business. If you think a buyer is likely to come from the same industry, contact the trade associations publication department to see if classified advertising is permitted.