March Lunch’ n Learn reigns in members for the Burnaby Board of Trade

The kick off of Central Park Business Centre’s new series of Lunch ‘n Learns with the Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT)’s presentation turned out to be more than an afternoon cup of tea (or shall we say, piece of sandwich and carrot stick?), thanks to Adam Jones, the BBOT’s membership development manager.

The presentation, held in our boardroom on March 26, 2010, showed clients of Central Park Business Centre how they could save thousands of dollars by joining a business-minded organization like the BBOT – and yes, we mean thousands!  By taking advantage of all the perks that come with a BBOT membership, here are some of the things businesses can significantly save on (as we learned in our Lunch ‘n Learn!):

  • TD Merchant Fees (think you’ve got great rates? Check again – there are fees you shouldn’t be paying!  Some people join just for these savings)
  • Grand and Toy supplies (the deal is almost like buying wholesale)
  • Health Insurance benefits (ideal for small businesses with few employees)
  • Newspaper advertising in the Burnaby Now (through the Burnaby Voice, which also gets sent out to all BBoT members).
  • Discounts through the Member to Member Affinity program (such as restaurant discounts, printing offers, etc.)
  • Free ‘fun’ receptions and events, such as the recent free ski pass and party at Mt. Seymour and summer golf tournament

Then, there are all the marketing benefits, such as:

  • Networking events (several held every month, and if you don’t like public speaking or early mornings, try an end-of-day networking reception)
  • Annual tradeshow (coming up in May!) at a great price per table
  • Member to Member Affinity Program – you can offer a special deal to fellow members to encourage reciprocity and business community-ness
  • Directory listings, which not only appear on the BBOT website but also in a printed magazine-style book that gets delivered to every member
  • News coverage and advertorials in the Burnaby Voice (members, send in your news and you might get free coverage that gets sent out with the Burnaby Now!)
  • An ambassador program where you call new members to welcome them to the BBOT, and of course you get talking about business that way…
  • Business Excellence Awards – you can submit your business profile to win an award, which is great free marketing and exposure, not to mention further ‘qualification’ to close those sales deals!

Oh yes, and there are great informative and lobbying activities happening all the time, like seminars on the HST, protesting the parking tax, business opportunities through major city events (like last year’s World Police and Fire Games business opportunities), special speaker series (successful business people give out their inspirational stories and advice), and more (the list just keeps growing).

It was so informative and attention-grabbing, that the BBOT already won over a new member from Central Park Business Centre, and here’s what one attendee had to say about the event:

“It was an informative brief presentation, with valuable insight for any business as to the logistical interaction with the BBoT. It was a very warm and comforting approach to business and networking which is so essential in order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.”

Our conclusion?  We’ve enjoyed the benefits of membership over the years, and are pleased to spread the word and opportunity to our clients!

If you missed the event but would still like to follow up with Adam Jones to talk about membership, you can reach him at or call 604.412.0100 ext. 2

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