Central Park Business Centre Shares the Love!

As Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, it has become a favourite tradition to bring smiles to all those who come through our doors (especially the women) by greeting them with a flower.

We start the day with a large bouquet of pink, red and white carnations adorning the reception counter. The sight of the pretty bouquet immediately sparks a happy smile on faces that come through our front door. Those smiles become wide grins when everyone is invited to take away a flower. As Director of First Impressions, Diane says that it’s one of her favourite days of the year!

This year the “share the love” theme came full circle when 4 handsome gentlemen in white tuxedos came into reception and asked the Central Park Business Centre team to gather around. They then, in perfect harmony, sang three romantic love songs (which made us giggle) and presented each of us with a long-stemmed rose and a small box of chocolates! To anyone who happened to be within earshot, it was quite a comical and unusual scene in our typically businesslike reception area! 

And who arranged for this heart-warming surprise? Let’s just say, it was one of our long-term fans! Thanks again … you made our day!