Counselling Office For Rent Vancouver

At Central Park Business Centre, we have counseling rooms available 7 days a week, during business hours, after hours, and weekends.

Located at the corner of Boundary and Kingsway, the Centre is in the heart of Metro Vancouver within an easy 20-minute radius of the Vancouver International Airport and Downtown.

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Counselling rooms available in Vancouver and Burnaby

Evenings and Weekend Access

At Central Park Business Centre we provide access to counselors in both the evenings and on the weekends. This service is not available at many other faculties so that’s why our location is great choice for counselors running their practice in Vancouver and Burnaby location.

What sort of space do counselors need?

The are a number of things that make a office space ideal for counselors and therapists.

  1. Reception area to meet and greet client
  2. Friendly staff – meet our team
  3. An online calendar – like our booking calendar 

What is parking like for me and for clients?

There are main options for parking at Central Park Business Centre:

  • Underground parking (per hour / per day / per month)
  • Free 1 hour parking on the plaza level
  • Free 2 hour parking on Kingsway, Boundary, and Ormindale
  • Free 3 hour parking in Central Park parking  (beside the Swanguard stadium)
  • Skytrain access to the centre via Patterson or Joyce skytrain stations

Common questions asked about our counselling rooms

  1. Can I book in evening/weekends?

    Yes, however, you will need to come and pick up keys and drop them off each time

  2. How do my clients get into the building?

    We have an intercom system where clients can buzz in from the main floor

  3. How can I make a booking?

    We have a convenient online booking system.

  4. How do I pay?

    We have two options for this. Either pay per use each time you make a booking, or we can set you up with an account for monthly billing.

  5. What are the Rates?

    Offices are $18 / hr

  6. What is in the counselling room itself?

    1. Each room is equipped with comfortable seating, a clock for monitoring session time, and a box of tissues. Addtionally there is
  7. Is there internet and wifi access?

    1. Yes there are both wired and wifi internet. The login credentials are within the office itself on the desk.


Counselor Virtual Offices Plans

A number of counselors also take advantage of our Counselor Virtual Offices packages, which includes services like telephone answering, mail handling, and appointment scheduling.  Plans start from $50 / month. To see a breakdown of what is included in each plan visit our Virtual Office Plans page.


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