Four resources to find a good business for sale

When looking to go into business, you might want to consider buying an existing business. This will help save on your start-up marketing costs. Along with the business you may also acquire existing clientelle. However, finding a good business to buy into is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to do your digging, and your research, but to get you going, here are four simple resources you can use to start:

1. Realtors

Some businesses are listed for sale by Realtors on the multiple listing service. In rural areas that cannot support a full time business broker, most businesses go through Realtors. Search out Realtors who specialize in commercial real estate and not the realtor who does it as a sideline.

2. Networking

One of the rules of marketing is, “Stand in traffic and you might get hit”. The more people who know you are looking for a business, the greater your chance of finding the business that is right for you. Your first circle of influence is friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues. Other networking opportunities include joining the Chamber of Commerce, service clubs and trade organizations.

3. Newspaper Ads

There are some publications that specialize in the sale of commercial real estate, franchises and business opportunities. One such publication is Western Investor, which covers British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Ads frequently appear in the business section and the business opportunities section of the classifieds in newspapers. Check the classifieds sections your local and regional newspapers regularly.

4. Advertising

You could also consider advertising for business opportunities in newspapers, magazines and trade publications. Advertising is not always effective, although there is the chance that it may produce a good lead, and that could be all that you need. Be prepared to be bombarded with calls from business brokers and people offering you all types of business opportunities. There are many different methods of searching out businesses for sale. It is helpful to try all of them to expand your potential buying opportunities. Remember to have a written system for doing your comparisons and analysis. That way, you can compare and contrast the opportunities, using the same criteria.