Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since we opened…

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 25 years since Expo ’86. That year there was the construction of the “new” bridge on Cambie Street leading to the downtown core – but now we have the new Canada Line to be proud of. Twenty-five years ago Princess Diana was still happily married, and O.J. Simpson was a hero and high-profile celebrity in the hearts and minds of Americans! At that time a “web site” was a housekeeping problem, and our stand-alone word processing system (the Xerox 860) was state-of-the-art technology. It now serves a worthwhile role as a boat anchor! And, Central Park Business Centre was but a business plan ready for start-up.

For those who weren’t around when we opened our doors in March 1986 (and some of you still are), here is a brief history of our start-up period and major landmarks through the years:

The staff consisted of Donna E. and myself when our first tenants moved in during our initial month of business in March 1986. Within a year and a half our 34 offices were 100% occupied and an additional wing was added to provide another 6 offices. By that time we had an additional two staff members on the payroll and Donna E. was the Office Manager, a role she maintained for the next five years until her early retirement in December 1991.

While our physical space and staff size have remained constant since then, we have developed in other ways. We introduced fax service and discarded the telex service. Then e-mail came around. We computerized our invoicing system and phone system and added voicemail services (what a hit that was! And what a way to reduce our 1100 inbound calls a day!). It’s sometimes hard to recall how we managed without voicemail! We have upgraded our computers, expanded our software support services, got a fancy new copier (it can even e-mail your scans to you right from the machine!) and switched to a fiber optic Internet line, giving faster speeds to our fast-paced business world.

And finally, our new Web site launch: a priceless token that came along with a new marketing and sales person joining our team. We now have an integrated blog and will soon be switching to electronic newsletters – we’ve come a long way, baby!

We owe our growth and stability over the years to our faithful clients, former clients, suppliers and business associates who continue to support us and send us referrals. You have sometimes pushed and prodded us into new software and technology. We welcome your continued feedback on ways we can further meet your business needs, so keep those ideas flowing!