Central Park Business Centre lends its support to those in need

When running from an abusive relationship, packing a suitcase isn’t an option.  In fact, leaving barefoot is sometimes a necessity. We’re lucky that we live in a country where women and children who need to escape can go to a “transition house” where they are protected.  What’s sad is that, because of the limited supply and high demand, hundreds of these cases are turned down every year. And, the ones that are accepted are only in a safe house for a short period of time, to make room for others.

In the span of about a month, these women and children, who have often left with nothing except the clothes on their back need to obtain income assistance, apply for BC Housing and make decisions about how they will support their family on their own, all while in counseling to overcome trauma.

That’s where Burnaby’s Helping Families in Need Society comes in to fill the gap.  This local, family run charity takes it upon themselves to get these battered women and their children out on their own, with as little hassle as possible.  How do they do it?  By collecting furniture and household items, doing the pick up, storage, delivery and organizing —  all by donation. Their connection with the women’s shelter makes the process smooth and virtually instant for families to have the things they need delivered to them.

After learning about Burnaby’s Helping Families in Need Society, the staff’s heart melted.  Realizing that after leaving a transition house, battered women and their children are often left with nothing to go home to, a decision was made to pitch in and join the mission. For its Christmas fundraiser this year, Central Park Business Centre decided to lend its support the needs of these women in our community who’ve made a life-altering decision to start afresh.

Women and children who experience the generosity of Helping Families in Need are often overwhelmed.  It’s usually been so long since anyone has stretched out a lending hand to them, offering kindness and assistance all without anything in return.  One such woman is Shara, and you can read her story and how Helping Families in Need Society played a part in her life. (Click here: http://dixonsociety.ca/news/sharas-story.)

Learn more about the Helping Families in Need Society here:  http://www.helpingfamiliesinneed.org/

Already the donations are mounting in Central Park Business Centre’s reception area, thanks to the generosity of our clients and staff. If you would like to join our efforts, we will continue to collect items until Dec. 22nd. We will wrap and bundle the donations for delivery to the families. Food, clothing, toys and household items are welcomed for our two local families under the care of Helping Families in Need. By bringing in a non-perishable grocery item or like-new clothing or toys to be placed in our Christmas gift box you can help to bring some joy to these once battered women and their children.

Here are the details of the two local families in need we have ‘adopted’:

Family One (lives near a Safeway store)

Mom – She likes reading. She would like warm gloves, scarf, baking pans and bath items.

Girl, 6 yrs – She needs warm socks and underwear (size 6/7). She likes Littlest Pet Shop things.

Girl, 8 yrs – she needs socks and underwear (size 8/10). She likes everything Barbie Princesses.

Boy, 9 yrs – He needs socks and underwear (size 8/10), winter gloves, and is a Hotwheels fan.

Family Two (lives near a Walmart store)

Mom – She needs tea towels and kitchen items.

Girl, 6 yrs – She likes anything Strawberry Shortcake, and could use some really warm winter gloves.

Baby due in February – needs blankets and supplies, etc.