How to Modernize Your Business Writing Style

Trouble finding your way out of ‘writer’s block’?  Here are some tips to keep you fresh in today’s modern business style of writing:

  • Adopt a personal or friendly style of writing, using a positive tone.
  • Use short, clear sentences.  Rule of thumb:  one main idea per sentence.  Just like this one.
  • Use common and familiar words.  Action verbs provide greater impact. (e.g. “Order your free branded pen today.  Just call…” as opposed to “If you call us, we’ll send you….”)
  • The first sentence should state the essence of the letter to quickly orient the reader’s attention. (e.g. “I am writing this letter in response to…” or “I am writing this letter as a reminder that….”, etc.)
  • Eliminate any unnecessary words or phrases such as:  “please find enclosed”; instead use “attached is.”
  • If it can be said in fewer words, then do so. Commonly people overuse the word “that” – watch out for it!
  • Keep the format simple and easy to follow.
  • If a lot of detail is required, attach a chart, graph, or point-form summary to clearly display the more complicated content.
  • Omit unnecessary punctuation for a cleaner presentation. (i.e. Better to break up sentences than to use colons, semi-colons and hyphens throughout).

Following these simple rules will ensure your message is easily and quickly understood.