Invitation to join our June Lunch ‘n Learn with Lydia Johnson, author of The Jalapeño Handshake


Overview: When the economy was bubbling and businesses were booming, companies didn’t feel the need to establish strong relationships with their clients. Now that the market has changed, businesses can’t rely on quick sales to boost their income — rather, they need to create long-term relationships based on trust with their clients.

Lydia Johnson, author of The Jalapeño Handshake, will share with you…

  • Why advocacy, transparency, authenticity, and integrity are key to lasting business relationships & increased sales
  • How to use powerful questions to establish a better relationship with business employees and clients

Bio: Since leaving her Executive Vice President role at VanCity Credit Union, and leading close to 1000 sales staff, she expanded her learning by completing the Coaches Training Institute program, plus studying numerous teachings by personal growth experts. This unique combination of hands-on sales experience, executive leadership, coaching expertise, and personal development is what you will experience when you join us for June’s Lunch & Learn.