Office Business Centre ready for Growth

MEDIA RELEASE: Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amidst all the doom and gloom about how the economic downturn is affecting businesses and employee layoffs, the mood at the Office Business Centre Association International’s (OBCAI) Annual Conference in San Diego this past week was high and uplifting. This year’s conference theme of “Evolve and Thrive” hit the mark with the presentations delivered. Speakers reiterated the fact that business isn’t down, it’s just different. Business owners need to recognize the changes, new trends and opportunities, and be able to quickly adapt. And small businesses are best able to do this.

Economist Tony Villamil, of The Washington Economist Group, presented attendees with his perspectives on the global economy, supported of course, with a healthy dose of statistics. He saw the greatest growth in the emerging markets, led by Latin American countries and Asia (China and India). He said that the demographic tidal wave affecting business is changing and intensifying. What he termed as the “geriatric North” (referring to the aging baby boomer population in North America) is being replaced by the “young and restless” — aggressive, young entrepreneurs mainly emanating from Latin America and Asia. He predicted that “those businesses ready with the seamless provision of services and technology across borders will do extremely well. Small, flexible and agile businesses will do well in this economy. There is a stronger than ever drive for business efficiency.” The majority of jobs lost in this recession have disappeared forever. This has paved the way for more consultants and entrepreneurs to take their place.

Bringing the focus closer to home, Mr. Villamil encouraged office business centre owners to be flexible and adapt to new business trends from the emerging markets and the influx of young entrepreneurs and displaced employees-turned consultants. He stated that the companies able to adapt quickly to new business trends will be the ones to survive. Small businesses are best able to do this, and these are primarily the make-up of office business centre clients, besides the centres themselves. These centres also serve as an “incubator” for small businesses to grow.

Diana Gray, owner and General Manager of Central Park Business Centre, located in Vancouver on the west border of Burnaby, attended the conference along with owners and managers of office business centres from the US, Britain, Mexico, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. As an entrepreneur herself, Gray enjoys working with her clients and seeing them succeed in business. She spontaneously shares her expertise and business network with her clients. Published twice on small business (The Complete Canadian Small Business Guide and Home Inc.: The Home Based Business Guide), Gray has a lot to offer.

Having started in the office business centre industry almost 30 years ago, this is not the first business recession Gray has experienced in Vancouver. In fact, she started her first centre during the real estate crunch of the early 1980s and was ready to service clients who were downsizing from excess and unused leased space. Her company was a safety net and one-stop office business centre for her clients. She removed a lot of the stress of high overhead costs such as leased space and staffing. Locating in her centre reduced the risk of carrying a long term lease. A very familiar statement she hears from her clients is: “Being in the centre saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent managing the office. Now I can concentrate those hours on running and marketing my business.”

Providing fully furnished offices inclusive of phones and internet, plus all the administrative and reception staff, Central Park Business Centre has everything ready for small and mid-sized businesses to move in today — literally! Gray feels Central Park Business Centre is ideally positioned to face the new economy. “We have bundled our service offerings to make it easy for our clients to enjoy a comprehensive, all-inclusive office solution with many value-added features, for one low competitive price. At Central Park Business Centre, even the coffee is included!

Inspired with new ideas and contacts generated at the conference, Gray is enthusiastic about embracing the change that is in the air, and helping her clients succeed!