Your Team has had an amazing impact on my rapid business growth over this past year. Everything, from the efficient services to the professional office environment, has enabled my business to leap forward, exceeding my own expectations!

James Zhan, Tian Jiao International Education Group


Central Park Business Centre is undoubtedly the best run office of its type that I have yet experienced. I have worked in similar facilities in several cities in the US and the UK, and none of them can come close to the level of professionalism exhibited by you and your staff!

Doug Docherty, Harris Farinon Canada


“Having worked in small business environments and very large corporate environments I am very impressed with the level of professionalism from everyone who works at Central Park Business Centre. There is a very positive, upbeat culture in place and all of the staff show a sense of urgency when it comes to supporting our needs. Everyone is very proficient and they execute at a very high level at all times — the place runs like a Swiss watch!!”

Brian Gowing, Deb-Cor Group


“I have been associated with Central Park Business Centre for over 10 years. This full service centrally located business centre has been a tremendous asset to my law firm. The professionalism and attention to detail of the staff is what truly makes the difference. I plan to continue with Central Park Business Centre well into the future.”

David McLellan, Barrister & Solicitor


“We have been very pleased with the outstanding services and resources we have experienced at Central Park Business Centre. Diana and her team are friendly and professional and treat our business and customers as their own. The staff goes above and beyond, going out of their way to ensure that our affairs are handled in a smooth, efficient and effective manner and they make it all seem effortless! Central Park Business Centre offers you everything you need to operate your small business professionally without all of the expense and headache of a stand-alone operation.”

Leanne Brown, Owner, LifeWorks Health Systems


Having your Team answer my business line was the best decision I made all year! Your Team has become knowledgeable about my company and is able to portray that to my callers, which has made a big impact on my business. Callers get an immediate response and are more likely to book the service than they were before, which has increased our bookings by 20%…

Prior to Central Park Business Center I was looking for administrative solutions for my small company. I tried several advertised companies. But in spite of all their promises, I always ended up receiving only not much more than basic answering service and a mail box. The companies that I tried out just did not have the time or inclination to learn the details of my business.

What is special about Central Park Business Center is that they quickly became engaged and knowledgeable about my company. Soon after beginning with them, instead of referring customer’s questions to me, they were able to answer the customer’s questions directly. They were always eager to learn and made suggestions as to how my business could be improved. As my business grew, they grew with me, handling more and more of the responsibilities of the administration. From making bookings, to collecting payments, account management to cheque writing CPBC was always there for me. They are now fully versed with the day-to-day running of my company, allowing me to focus on the other aspects of building a company. With CPBC I know I am in the best of hands.

From a business perspective my collaboration with CPBC is ideal. Should business fluctuate I need not worry, CPBC is able to upsize the staff, or downsize as required.

Most importantly, the key value of CPBC is the staff. The staff at CPBC continually make the best presentation to my customers that I could possibly ask for. Weekly, a customer calls me directly just to say that they could not have been happier with my administration team. They are courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable, and cared about the customer’s needs.

What more could I ask for.

Brian Cook, President, PowerCheck Inc.


“Everyone is very proficient and they execute at a very high level at all times – the place runs like a Swiss watch!”

Brian Gowing, NAS Solutions