Our Office Space Concept

The Central Park Business Centre business model is simple and effective for professionals, small business consultants, sales and service representatives.  We allow you to take the money that you would have invested into leases, furniture, equipment and staff, and provide you a complete turn-key office that’s ready for you to move into today.  You are able to spend more time taking care of your customers and servicing key accounts, therefore enhancing your business success.


Save $ on Office Space Rent

Shared office space is more economical than leased space. It frees up capital funds and inherent risks that go along with long-term leases, substantial security deposits, and leasehold improvements.

Save $ on Staff

Your office is fully staffed and ready to service your needs. Central Park Business Centre recruits, hires, trains, manages, develops, and motivates staff to achieve the highest standards in the industry.  Yes, we motivate, compensate and manage our staff the way you would manage them if they worked for you.  From our receptionists to our client services specialists and office manager, you will enjoy dealing with our highly experienced, personable and professional staff.

Save $ on Furniture and Equipment

Your office is furnished and equipped. There is no need for you to purchase copiers, furniture, telephone systems and other office assets.  Central Park Business Centre provides and maintains all furniture, fixtures and equipment.  We inventory, insure, maintain and avoid technical obsolescence.

Gain new Business Contacts and Referral Sources

When you have an office or virtual office at Central Park Business Centre, you open up the opportunity of having access to established business suppliers and associates.  You save the time required to locate and open new trade accounts.  The dynamic network of business contacts allows your company to gain new contacts and referrals.

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