Pennies Conquer Cancer!

When we learned that the Canadian penny was being discontinued after October this year, we decided this was a great opportunity to help everyone get rid of their stash of cumbersome coins that end up at the bottom of drawers and spare coin dishes. You know what I’m talking about … there’s probably more than a few here and there … in your home, car and office!

We will be happy to receive your contributions and save you the time to roll them! Individually the pennies are almost worthless in today’s economy.  But collectively they can add up to an amount that can make a difference!

A Worthy Campaign

Again this year, I will be doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 250 km bike ride from Cloverdale to Seattle over two consecutive days. Last year a knee injury kept me from riding on Day Two, but this year I hope to complete the full journey. The pennies collected will help me to reach my minimum requirement of $2,500. I’m already half-way there with my other fundraising efforts, so this penny campaign will help to push me over the top. Last year our OvCaRe Team, raised over $75,000 and this year our team hopes to top its efforts by reaching a goal of $100,000!  Collectively the 2011 RTCC event raised a record-breaking $11.2 million in BC alone!

All coins collected go to support the BC Cancer Foundation for much needed research on treatment and prevention programs. Amazing advances and discoveries are happening weekly, especially by the brilliant researchers and scientists at the BC Cancer Agency.

A Contest

In case you needed a further incentive, we are having a contest. For each handful of pennies tossed into the jug, you can enter a guess of the final amount and weight on May 30th. The person with the closest guess without going over wins a great prize!

– $50 gift certificate to Monk’s Oyster Bar at False Creek

– $50 gift certificate to Pink Lime Spa in Yaletown

These are great prizes to enjoy yourself or to give to someone special!

For those who have already contributed, be sure to see Diane for a contest entry form. If you’ve been waiting until after the busy tax season to find a few extra minutes to clean out those overflowing penny dishes, now’s the time!  There are 3 weeks before the draw date of May 30 when the official count and weigh-in happens.

Other than holding onto a few shiny pennies for historical sentiment or to keep your cut roses looking fresh longer in the vase (apparently this works!), Diane will be happy to add your contribution to her oversized water jug!

A priceless “thank you” to everyone for your support!

Diana Gray