Student Film Crew experiences the Shared Office setting

The usually quiet and clear hallways at Central Park Business Centre were, this past week, anything but that!  They actually were transformed into a movie set! In case you were curious about the … lights, camera, action! … it was a group of students from The Vancouver Film School who were producing a short film as one of their school assignments on inter-office relationships where two receptionists were having a conflict. Fortunately, that only happens in the movies — not here!

While requests for use of our office space by a film crew have been declined in the past, our hearts were softened by the enthusiastic appeal made by these bright young students. We felt compelled to put policy aside and to help them with their school project. Was it profitable for us? No. Would we do it again? Probably not … because it turned out to be a bit disruptive to some of our clients. (We thank you for your patience and cooperation!)

Did we feel good about the experience?  Absolutely! We heartily wish the students well in their budding careers, and eagerly await the final product after all the splicing and editing has happened!