Our unbeatable virtual assistant phone technology

When shopping for a virtual or packaged office, there are considerations you may not have thought of.  Not all office services are the same, and when looking for the best value, an important factor would be the virtual assistant phone technology used to handle your calls.  After all, the efficiency and smoothness of your phone answering service is the most critical part of a virtual office plan.

At Central Park Business Centre, we were one of the first in Vancouver’s packaged office industry to implement a state-of-the-art phone system that would allow for new and advanced features for all our clients.  Here’s a glimpse of all the impressive tasks we can now perform with the click of only a few buttons.  For our clients, that means more calls can be taken per minute, reducing the likelihood of missed calls.



When a call comes in, your company profile pops up automatically on our computer screen, showing the receptionist pertinent information such as:

  • Your company greeting

  • Your phone numbers and other contact info such as e-mail, fax and Web site

  • Your status (e.g. “Out of office until 1 p.m. – send all calls to cell. Calls from Company X go straight to voicemail”)

  • Any special pronunciations on names

  • The Caller ID of the incoming call

  • A symbol showing whether or not you’re on another line

  • A written description of your company

  • Emergency numbers

  • Your photo

  • Sub-profiles of all your staff and their respective information

Your company greeting and name is always said right!

  • You can be recognized by face

  • Your information is always given out correctly and confidential information is never released

  • Calls can be filtered and numbers can be recorded for incessant callers or sales call backs

  • You’re never disrupted with an incoming call signal if you’re on the phone already and opt for ‘one call at a time’

  • Receptionist can keep track of your schedule to let callers know when they can reach you. Or, she can transfer calls to a number you chose based on your day’s status

  • You or a family member can be contacted immediately in case of an emergency

  • Callers can ask to speak to a specific person at your company, and get transferred to their direct line

One receptionist at ONE number can handle calls for all your business locations or branchesSave on staffing costs and training

Save on phone line costs

Clients always reach the right number, no matter what location they’re looking for
Calls are transferred seamlessly, with the click of a single button Save on phone line costs

Clients always reach the right number, no matter what location they’re looking for
Callers can’t tell you’re at a remote location

Clients don’t know you’re using a virtual office compared to a physical office (i.e. no noise, pauses or strange clicks to give away your ‘secret’!)

Callers don’t get dropped during transfers and you never miss a connection
Voicemail to e-mail: Electronic .wav voice files recorded in your regular voicemail box are sent to your e-mail.

E-mail shows date, time, message length and call back number.
Save on long distance charges while travelling

Avoid down time dialing in to your voicemail

Keep track of important voicemails and never experience a “mailbox full” memo
Voicemail notification can be sent to your cell phone Get immediate notification when you have a voicemail waiting for you
“Find me Follow me” feature dials up to 3 numbers simultaneously when a call comes in to your dedicated lineYou’re always connected to the office and never miss a call, whether at home, on a cell or at the office
Calls can be announced to you before the transfer connectionYou know who’s calling before you answer
When a call is transferred to a number of your choice, you see the caller ID of your client, not our main office line!Always know who’s calling and keep track of numbers you received calls from

Improve your response time in case a person doesn’t leave their number in a voicemail message
E-mail messages can be sent to you as the client is on the phone with the receptionistEliminate hand written messages and illegible writing

Get the name and number for calling back instead of playing phone tag through voicemails
Gates and doors can be unlocked at remote locations as if your in-house staff were there to press the button themselves!Save on concierge costs

Have a concierge backup for afterhours meetings or sick/holiday time
All the above works with toll-free numbers!Allow international customers to reach you with the same level of service!
All of the above also works with an existing local area phone number you currently use!
*Limitations apply
No need to reprint marketing material

No lost customers because your number has changed

No “this number has changed” operator message.