Virtual Office Tips for small businesses

1. Choose somewhere that is closer to home (avoid time on the roads)

Time is your most valuable currency. Choose a Virtual Office location where you can access it easily.

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2. Choose somewhere close to your client base

If you are going to be inviting clients to meet with you at your location, be mindful of the travel time for them

As much as they want to do business with you, they also value their time

3. Ask your Virtual Office Provider, what else can they do for you

Few companies really take advantage of their Virtual Office provider and the business support service they can help with.

Most providers can help with Administrative or Secretarial,  and other will help with marketing and sales activities.

The Central Park Launchpad is a fantastic way for business to get the support they need to grow their business to the next level.


4. Think about it as a partnership between you and the Virtual Office Provider

Look at it as an extension of your workforce. A highly skilled and efficient staff base with various capabilities and skills. Which you have on-demand access to

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5. Choose a Virtual Office, not based on price, but based on professionalism and efficiency

Quite often business owners choose the cheap option. Everyone knows cheap is not good.

You can have it cheap, fast, or good. Pick 2.

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Central Park Business Centre provides Virtual Office solutions to small business in the Great Vancouver area. Clients choose Central park because of our professional yet friendly approach to business. Our aim is to help business owners help themselves by offering a variety of business support services

Now it’s time to choose a plan

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