We’ve got a new cafe, and we love it! Give us your feedback!

A few weeks ago, we Central Park Business Centre went home for the weekend as usual.  When we returned to the office on Monday morning, the kitchen had a makeover!

Our new kitchen is café style, with new wrap-around lunch counters, beautiful dark wood cabinets, pretty brick tiles as a backsplash and tall chairs to go with our bar height table and counters.  It now serves as a comfortable place for our clients to have lunch, do some work, grab some coffee, and even for our clients’ clients to relax for their appointments!

Oh yes, and how can you not notice our new  flat screen TV, which keeps us current with the news from the CBC – at just the right volume so you can hear it when you’re near but not when you’re outside the kitchen – keeping it professional for our business environment.  The fridge is new, and we have an under-counter water filter that delivers delivers cold water on demand – how refreshing!  Now there’s even more reason to spend time with us!

We have the great folks at North American Store  (NAS) Solutions to thank for the great job.  They were really quick and had everything done perfectly. And since so many people have asked, “yes, they also do residential renos.” Their one-page splash site can be found here: http://www.microreno.com/MicroReno/index.html

And here’s what the folks at NAS Solutions had to say about the job themselves:

“We truly enjoyed planning and building this wonderful Cafe for Central Park Business Centre and it’s clients. The project for us was made that much easier, because the team here knew exactly what they needed for their users, and all we had to do was make it happen! We hope to do more work with CPBC in the future, and greatly appreciate the business.”

So far, everyone at Central Park Business Centre loves it!  It’s now a pleasure to pop in for that morning cup of coffee and take a few moments to relax there before returning to the paperwork on our desks!  Have a look at our slideshow to get a tour of our new cafe, then tell us what you think!  We’d also love your suggestions for wall decorations.

If you can’t view the slideshow below, simply click here to get it on our Flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/centralparkbusinesscentre/sets/72157623958683322/

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