Sure, you can work from home, but can you meet with clients or hold meetings with professional executives at home?  With our hot desks and hourly boardrooms, you won’t ever have to leave a bad impression or lose a business contract because your image didn’t match the size of the deal.

While working from home is a lifestyle choice and works great for some, there’s always going to be that need for a professional physical office space. If it’s not in your budget for a full-time office, we have a flexible solution: hourly or daily office and boardroom rentals at low hourly rates.

Whether it’s for an hour or a day, you can book a professional office or our 12-seated boardroom to host a meeting.

Our hourly and daily office clients range from counsellors to lawyers and accountants, and our boardroom is a prime location for off-site interviews, mediations, presentations, and information workshops and presentations.

Every hot desk or boardroom rental comes with:

    • Telephone line
    • Internet and wireless access
    • Access to printers, copier, fax service
    • Option to add-on catering or coffee services
    • Optional stationary (e.g. pens, notepads, flipcharts, etc.)

    Call today for a quote on your next hot desk or boardroom rental: (604) 435-2500.

    Looking for counselling space?  Ask about our specially furnished counsellor offices that create the right mood and relaxing atmosphere for your clients.


    Our preferred rates are $25 per hour and $120 for the day for the boardroom/conference room.


    To check future availability and book an hourly office or the boardroom through our bookings calendar, please click here