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Office Space Rentals

Central Park Business Centre provides you with the tools needed to succeed in the fast-paced and competitive world of business. Our goal is to provide you with a complete office solution so that you can devote your time, attention and investment capital to your business.

Our office space rental terms are flexible and rates are all-inclusive with no hidden charges. We also offer a a range of office configurations with offices to suit 1 person, 2-3 person, and 4-5 person offices.

Sporting a rich 32 year history of supporting the business community and local entrepreneurs, many small business owners trust us to help them grow their business.

Our strong team of 5 staff are here to support your business needs at any time during the day!

Central Park Business Centre is unique in that we work with you to help grow your business by offering support services through our Business Launchpad service.

Packaged Offices

Whether you are starting a new business or practice, opening a branch office, or have outgrown your home-based business, Central Park Business Centre can provide furnished offices for you. We understand your desire for flexibility.  Because of our varying office sizes and options, you are able to select a space that suits your needs – whether your business goes through growth or downsizing.  There is less risk and no matter what size office you’re in, you will always keep the same address and same friendly, professional staff handling your telephones and administrative support services.


Why renting an office is the best thing for your business?

Prestige and Professionalism

First impressions matter, and your clients have expectations about what a professional office looks like. Renting office space allows you to effortlessly meet those expectations.

Save $ on Office Space Rent

Shared office space is more economical than leased space. It frees up capital funds and inherent risks that go along with long-term leases, substantial security deposits, and leasehold improvements.

Save $ on Staff

Your office is fully staffed and ready to service your needs. Central Park Business Centre recruits, hires, trains, manages, develops, and motivates staff to achieve the highest standards in the industry.  Yes, we motivate, compensate and manage our staff the way you would manage them if they worked for you.  From our receptionists to our client services specialists and office manager, you will enjoy dealing with our highly experienced, personable and professional staff.

Save $ on Furniture and Equipment

Your office is furnished and equipped. There is no need for you to purchase copiers, furniture, telephone systems and other office assets.  Central Park Business Centre provides and maintains all furniture, fixtures and equipment.  We inventory, insure, maintain and avoid technical obsolescence.

Gain new Business Contacts and Referral Sources

When you have an office or virtual office at Central Park Business Centre, you open up the opportunity of having access to established business suppliers and associates.  You save the time required to locate and open new trade accounts.  The dynamic network of business contacts allows your company to gain new contacts and referrals.

Fully Furnished & Ready For Move-In

Your Executive, fully packaged Office space provides you with ready-to-occupy furnished offices complete with telephone lines and high speed internet connections.

Our efficient team of office professionals will welcome you and immediately make you feel at home in your new business environment. This will enable you to focus on your essential priorities of business success and profitability, leaving the day-to-day details of administration for our experienced support team to take care of.

  • Comfortable and spacious reception area, boardroom, lunchroom and coffee facilities
  • Executive offices and suites ranging from 110 to 520 sq.ft.
  • Short-term and long-term rental options
  • Company listing on two directory boards
  • Air conditioning, heating, utilities and janitorial

office solutions


Executive office rentals range from $725 – $990 per month for a one-person office, and $915+ per month for a two to four person office.

Plus the following at no extra charge (with no hidden fees or fine print):

  • Private executive office with telephone, furnishings and desk accessories
  • 24-hour access, 7 days a week
  • Telephone line, internet and voice mail
  • Personalized reception and telephone answering service
  • Managed call transfer, call forwarding, message notification by email or auto attendant, email messaging
  • Use of conference room (5+ hours per month)
  • Access to fax, photocopier, postage meter, binding equipment
  • Listing on two directory boards
  • Coffee and café facilities
  • Heat, lights and hydro and washroom facilities
  • Daily office cleaning

For more information on our helpful support service, please click here.

Everything you need to know about getting your first office

Lease terms: Commercial leasing property typically ask for a 3 year lease contract. Business Centres, like Central Park offer more convenient and flexibility office for renting offices space with 6 or 12 month rentals and in some cases month to month.

The security deposit is typically 1 months rent.

Move-in / Move outs costs: Some buildings will charge a move in / installation fee. At Central Park we do not charge any installation fees for moving in your belongings, getting setup with internet and telephone etc.

Setting up the phone system: Usually the office space provider will help you set up your phones for that they are answered at the front desk by the receptionist.

What do you get with your package? For a shared office space like Central Park Business Centre, we will provide the offices fully furnished to include the list of items mentioned above.

Moving from a home office

Things you must consider when moving from a home office to a shared office environment, office space, or business centre. First point to consider is that you need to do is budget for your new office. Consider addition costs like printing, renting meeting rooms, administrative services, parking etc

Update all your marketing information that has the old address. As well as that, you will need to tell Google that you are in a new location, which is very important for SEO. You’ll need to confirm the location after Google sends you out a security code for verification.

For furniture, Central Park Business Centre provides the offices furnished for you just need to bring over your documents and your computer.

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